HVRS, 26th February to 1st March 2014

Spring has started in Hula Valley.  The days were mostly warm and sunny after cold beginnings.  On two mornings when I arrived in the dark, the grass was wet but, by the time I had opened the nets, the temperature had dropped sufficiently for ice to be forming at ground level.  It soon melted just after sunrise and temperature rose to low 20s C.

There still not many birds around the ringing station, but at least more than during the winter and typical spring migrants are arriving.  The total for the four days was 174 birds of 20 species (all numbers include retraps).  To achieve this I was using between 280 and 360 metres of net, which is a lot more than I would be able to have open while working alone later in March.  This shows that really there are still not many birds around.  Reed Warblers (49) were the commonest species and next were Penduline Tits (46).  Also caught for the first time this spring were  Sedge Warblers (3), Lesser Whitethroats (3) and Olivaceous Warbler (1).  The Olivaceous Warbler was a retrap, ringed by Nadav in the Hula NR, 27/06/07 as an age 3 so now nearly 7 years old.  The unusual bird, for HVRS, was Zitting Cisticola which is a species we do not catch every year even though they are present near the ringing station.

Totals:  Alcatt 1, Acrmel 1, sch 3, sci 49, ste 1, Carcar 3, Cetcet 9, Cisjun 1, Erirub 2, Fricoe 5,  Halsmy 1, Hippal 1, Lussve 9, Phycol 18, Prigra 14, Pycxan 3, Rempen 46, Saxtor 3, Sylcom 1, cur 4.

Next dates 06 to 09 March, Thursday to Sunday.





Stork ringed in Bulgaria



Little tern - Atlit



In-hand identification of
Thick-billed Larks

Thick billed Lark - Yoav Perlman
photo: Yoav Perlman


A Teal ringed in Oct 2010 in Netiv Halamed Hei - Ela Valley was hunted in Russia on May 2012 4400Km away


A Barn Swallow ringed in the Hula Valley Sep2012 was found Feb2013 in South Africa!! Mr. Herman Kruger found the bird at home and sent us the details. The bird was released alive. Distance 7400km.

lesser white throat ringed in Eilat April 2010 was traped in Norway May 2011. 3748km.



Barn Swallow ringed in Bulgaria a year ago was caught in Eilat.



Barn Swallow ringed in Cyprus beginning Aug 2012 was caught 4 weeks later in Ein Afek NW Israel.



A Blackcap ringed in Russia Aug 2011 was caught in 'Zarzir' May 2012. Distance 3000 km.


A Common Tern Ringed with a plastic ring at Atlit 05 March was seen in Hungary some  2000 Km away 26 June.


A Lesser Whitethroat ringed in Mach 2008 in the Arava Valley was found yesterday alive in Germany.

A female ruff ringed in Eilat 2008 was found shot in Russia in April 2012.


Sand Martin with a ring from Bulgary was caught yesterday in

 Agamon Lake, Hula valley, 3306'N / 3536'E

A Reed Warbler from Hungary was caught today in Ein Afek.


A Lesser Whitethroat from Sweden was caught today in Eilat.
A quick response from Sweeden: It was ringed as a juv. in 2005!!! 3500km is the distance between Eilat and the ringing place.

A chiffchaff ringed at Tirat Tzvi end of March was trapped in north west Poland after 50 days. 2900 km.


A Blackcap was found dead in Poland last July. It was ringed in Neot Smadar in a spectular ringing session of more than thousand birds in one day. Among them two other controlled birds.


A Corn Bunting ringed Nov. 2010 in Israel was shot in Cyprus Dec. 2011. It is the 1st ever controlled Corn Bunting for Israel!



A Blackcap female was caught in Sde Boker 3052'N / 3447'E with a ring from Hungary.

A Dunlin ringed in Poland July 28 2011 was seen In Acre beach Nov.10.


The 2nd for Israel Black-winged Kite was caught and ringed in the Hula Valley.




An injured Griffon Vulture was found and picked up by the NPA. It has a Serbia ring, wing tag 26 yellow. It is now hospitalized  in a very bad shape at the Israeli Wildlife Hospital. The bird was severely shot, probably by "hunters" in Southern Lebanon, which is not far away.

The bird was marked 7.6.2011 in Uvac Colony.
Uvac Canyon in southwestern Serbia. Conservation efforts have been successful and now Uvac is home to one of the largest griffon vulture colonies in this part of Europe, numbering some 500 birds.





A third in one  week Yellow-browed Warbler was ringed in Israel.

This time in Ashdod. Details



Griffon Vultures from Cratia and Bulgaria were caught in Sde Boker and Gamla during a ringing and marking procedure of dozens of vultures in both places. The one from Bulgaria was ringed as a pull June 2010. The distance 1445 km.



(another) Yellow-browed Warbler was ringed at Jerusalem Bird Observatory.


Yellow-browed Warbler was ringed in Nativ Hlamed Hei.


Dusky Warbler was caught in Ein Afek!





Willow Warbler ringed in Norway Aug. 2011 was caught in Tzora Valley Oct. 20. The distance more than 4200km in about two months!



Following the news from the 21.09.2011 about a  Barn Swallow with a ring from South Africa: The bird was ringed in Zambia on Jan. 2011 by Bernie van den Brink as a part of a research work on Swallows. The distance between the points is 5228km.



A male Blackcap ringed at Eilat March 2009 was trapped and eaten in Cyprus Sep. 2011. The elapsed time 885 days and the distance is 601km.



A Barn Swallow with a ring from South Africa!! was caught in Tzoraa Valley evening of 20.09.2011.

A Blackcap ringed at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory 25 Mars 2011 was found dead in Germany 10 July 2011. Cause of death - a cat. Distance between points 2812km.



A Common Tern ringed in Lithuania as an adult in 2002 was caught July 2011 in Atlit Salt Ponds. Distance between points more than 2500 km.



A Reed Warbler was caught today 26 aug. 2011 in Tzoraa Valley with a ring from Hungary. Its one more in a rapidly growing series of 'Hungarian' birds that are caught in Israel.


A Garden Warbler Ringed as a juv. in Turkey on Aug. 2010 was trapped in The Negev Desert in Israel on May 2011. The bird was ringed in the delta of the Kizilirmak River south of the Black Sea. The distance between the two points is 1200 km.



A Eurasian Griffon (Gyps fulvus) ringed on Dec. 2006 in the Judean Desert was tracked by color ring in Serbia on June 2011. In both places the Vilture came to visit a feeding station.



A Blackcap female ringed in Tzoraa Israel (3146'N / 3455'E) November 2010 was found dead on a road in Sweeden ( 5933'N / 1233'E) end of June 2011.



A Reed Warbler Ringed In Tzoraa Israel (3146'N / 3455'E) March 2010 was Trapped in Croatia August 2011 (4539'N / 1842'E).



A Common Tern Ringed in Germany June 2009 in BÖHMKE UND W ERDER nature reserve was trapped July 2011 in Atlit (3241'00'N 03456'00'E) Israel.

A juv. stork ringed in Bulgaria on 01Aug2010 was photographed in "Mishmar Haemek" two months later. More detalils.

A Lesser Whitethroat ringed at the JBO 04 May 2011 was trapped on a little island south of Sweden 26 May 2011. See attached file.

A Lesser Whitethroat ringed in Eilat 2009 was trapped in England June 2011. For details: http://heyshamobservatory.blogspot.com/2011/06/israeli-ringed-lesser-whitethroat.html

Egyptian Vulture from Bulgary was seen in Sde Boker in the Negev Desert.

Barn Swallow ringed in the Hula Valley on 4th of May 2011 was found dead in Kapliai, Kedainiai, Lithuania. The bird travelled 2619km from Israel to Lithuania in 20 days or less!

A female Blackcap controlled in Beer Sheeba on May 5th 2011 was ringed in Sweeden GOTLANDS LÄN, SUNDRE, HOBURGEN 3rd of June 2010.

The first controlled bird from Cyprus with a Cyprus ring in Einot Gibton on the 14 april 2011. Blackcap Ringed in West Cyprus at Neo Horion, Polis on spring 2007!

Lesser white throat Sylvia curruca that was ringed in
28/03/2009 was retraped August 2010 in Sweden. The distance between these two places 3674 Km. This is the 4th Sylvia curruca caught in Sweden from Israel.

Spoonbill with a ring from Turkey (Lake Bolluk) was seen in Ein Hamifratz near Acre. Thanks to Otto Overdijk the Spoonbills Data Controller in Europe for the information.