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Regional Birding centers operated by IOC

IOC operates four regional Birding centers and Birding site in Ashdod: 

Jerusalem Bird Observatory: The station is located in located on the grounds between the Knessest (Israel's Parliament) and the Supreme Court, in the heart of Jerusalem. Station rings birds throughout the year and deals with the study of songbirds migration, preserving urban nature sites, guiding tours and Biotopes.

Hula Valley Birdwatching Center: Located in Mack Hula Valley. The Center is very active in research, education and promoting birdwatching tourism at the Hula Valley and the Galil.

International Birdwatching Center in the Valleys: the birdwatching center in valleys in located at Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin in the Beit She'an Valley and is operated in assosiation with the kibbutz. The Center operates a bird ringing station, and also offers a variety of tours and trainings following the Beit She'an Valley poultry

Ma'agan Michael birdwatching Center: Established in 2007. Promotes the birdwatching theme at the Caramel coast and its' region. The Center operates a bird ringing station. The Center maintains an extensive educational activitie for students of the region and maintains extensive activity on weekends and holidays for the public.

Bird watching site in Ashdod: Ashdod Municipality in cooperation with the Birding Center operates a unique birdwatching site on the edge of the Lachish River.
The site leads an educational activity for Ashdod's students and once a month, for the general public. In the future, a similar site will be established in Jerusalem.

IOC was among the establishments to found the bird watching center in Eilat and is involved in major bird-watching centers activities in Lotan and Chatzeva in the Prairie. In addition, IOC leads a number of major projects joint with the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.